Breezys Driving School

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Day 1 0930 - 1330  


Driving Responsibilities

1.       Although you will be taught skills and safe driving practices, remember that completing this course is only the beginning of your driver education.

2.       Driving is an opportunity to be treated like an adult, so take your obligations seriously.

3.       Once you have been given a drivers license, society expects you to give something in return for your new freedom.  You need to obey the law, show courtesy to other roadways users, to protect your passengers, to know and properly maintain your vehicle and to drive only when you are physically and mentally able.

Your Driving Task – Safe, Low risk Driving

       To perform your driving task with low risk results you must develop 3 skills: 

       1. Social

       2. Physical

       3. Mental

Getting quick attention is easy

Earning respect over the long haul takes time and effort

There will be times when others will try to get you to do things you normally would not do

They will push you to drive in a way you shouldn’t

Do not give in to peer pressure



SIPDE - Search, Identify, Predict, Decide & Execute......


Day 2  0930 - 1330 

Natural Laws and Car Control

Center of Gravity

Energy of Motion

Tread & Traction


Conditions of the Road

Conditions of the Driver

Distracted Driving

Cell Phones

Drinking & Driving

Drunk Busters of America - Pedal Cart & Goggles