Breezys Driving School

 Q. What is the cost of your program?

 A. The total cost is $285.00  There is NO EXTRA FEE to use our car for the DMV Road Test and NO EXTRA FEE to drop off or pick up at home or school. 

 Q. Can I make payments?

 A. Yes, we are very flexible to meet your needs.

 Q. How old must my child be to start Breezys program?

 A. 15 years old.

 Q. Does my child need a permit to start Breezys?

 A. Yes, the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles requires a student to have their permit.

 Q. How long must my child have their permit before they can test for their license?

 A. 180 days.

 Q. My child got their permit today, should I enroll them in Breezys now or wait 180 days?

 A. That depends on you. If you feel comfortable driving with your child then I would suggest you practice with them for the majority of the 180 days before you start the program.  If you do not feel comfortable then we can get them started on the road to success. We can always do a refresher lesson when it gets closer to the time to get their license.

 Q. Why should I choose Breezys Driving School?

 A. We have worked very hard to develop our program. We keep our classes to a maximum of 10 students with 2 instructors.  This allows us to give each child the individual attention necessary.   Breezys training center is dedicated to working with and helping each child accomplish his/her goal of passing The Road Test and getting their license, BUT more importantly we want them to learn to drive on our busy roads.